The Hinch Distillery

Located just south of Belfast in the grounds of the beautiful Killaney Estate. The distillery takes its name from the nearby town of Ballynahinch, whose name in Irish translates as ‘town of the island’.

Within the Hinch Distillery design we have incorporated many unique elements which will both validate our ‘craft’ credentials and also position ourselves as key innovators within the Irish whiskey category.

The Time Collection

Time waits for no man, said nobody at Hinch Distillery. Because it is the passage of time and patience that is needed to work its magic, that creates the unique taste, that is our whiskey.

Small Batch, Bourbon Cask

Matured in the finest Ex Bourbon Oak Casks, this classic blend only uses the finest grain and single malt whiskies.

Paired together in small batches to give a classic smooth Irish Whiskey

5 Year Old Double Wood

Only the finest Ex Bourbon Casks are selected for extra maturation in Virgin American Oak Barrels for a minimum of one year.

This second maturation gives the whiskey subtle depth, natural colour and character as befitting the use of "two woods".

10 Year Old, Sherry Cask Finish

Perfectly matured over time in American Oak, our gently maturing Whiskey blend is finished in the finest Oloroso Sherry casks from Jerez.

Finished for a minimum of 6 months, the process enhances the golden liquid’s outstanding character and flavour.

Single Pot Still

Herbaceous and biscuit aromas with a distinct zesty note.

Pronounced Tart and fruit flavours with a beautiful spice undercurrent. A touch of oats are added in the mash to add a hint of creaminess on the palate

Peated Single Malt

Sweet tar and a smoky, woodish nose with immediate strong peat flavours on the palate. Lingering and nuanced fruit undertones survive the peat storm. A hint of liquorice comes through on the palate as the peat gently mellows awaiting your next sip.

Ninth Wave

In Irish mythology, a mystical place lies beyond the Coast of Ireland, far out across the sea. Said to be the home of the Irish Sea God ‘Mac Lir’, these mystical islands, known as the ‘Otherworld’, are invisible to the naked human eye, devoid of sickness and death, and a place of eternal youth and beauty. One only reaches these islands by conquering the Ninth Wave, the greatest of all waves and the barrier that separates the Earthly world from the Otherworld.

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